Getting Started and Booking Your Appointments

How do I create a Local Cleaning Services account?

You can register at our website and create your account to have access to our customer portal where you can navigate through our services and have the ability to book your cleaning appointment via our online scheduling system.

What areas do you service?

You may find the list of our serviced areas here <<< insert link for suburbs list

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

Yes, we will bring our own cleaning supplies and materials to help you get rid of the hassle with the cleaning preparations.

Our cleaner will arrive with all the equipment we need to perform and complete our cleaning operations. Should you require specific products to be used, you can let our team know and our cleaner will discuss our cleaning solutions and what you need as long as it works best, safe for your health and the environment.

Can I request special tasks or extras

Yes, we entertain special tasks and extra jobs. Just discuss your requirements and our professional cleaners will evaluate and get the job done right.

What are your booking methods?

You can book or set your appointment with us via phone, email or online booking.

How do I book my first appointment?

There are three (3) ways to book your appointment. You can book either via phone call, email or our online booking system.

How do I book an appointment online?

Booking your cleaning appointment with Local Cleaning Services is as easy as a breeze. Just follow our simple steps here (insert link to “How It Works” page) to book your appointment online.

How is Local Cleaning Services different from other companies?

What differs us from the rest of the cleaning service providers is that we are local cleaners in Melbourne. You will only deal with your fellow Aussies in Melbourne and you can be sure that we will treat you like our friends and family.

Who are the cleaners?

All our cleaners are locals of Melbourne. We have a wide experience in the cleaning industry and are very knowledgeable about the cleaning standards in Australia and Melbourne.

What types of cleaning does Local Cleaning Services provide?

We offer a wide arrange of cleaning services from steam cleaning, deep cleaning, move out cleaning, standard local cleaning and more!

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