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The Truth About Bond Back Guarantee – Is Really Your Bond Money Back by Cleaning Companies

What do you think when you hear about The Truth About Bond Back Guarantee – Is Really Your Bond Money Back by Cleaning Companies? Have you always been curious if whether cleaning companies can guarantee your bond back? It has always been a primary concern when you are ready to move and out and the last thing you need to arrange is the right local move out cleaning service in Melbourne who can ensure you that at the end of the cleaning operation, your landlord has nothing left to do but to turn over 100% of your bond back.

There is a misconception when others claim that when you hire their service, you will get your bond in full. The “Bond Back Guarantee” has always been misleading. When used by service providers to sell their business, it delivers a message that is too far fetched. Many cleaning companies may say that when you hire them, you will get 100% of your bond back but in reality, this has not always been the case. Therefore, it is recommended that you be aware of how your cleaners perform their cleaning from start to finish.

Note, there is a big catch when cleaning companies say about bond back guarantee. They can say we do this, we do that but, no one can guarantee a full refund of your bond. Why? Below are the top reasons you must check:

  1. Move Out Cleaning checklists varies from agent to agent. The property agent that have handed over the apartment or office space to you may not be the same person who will have the final check when you move out. These two different agents may not have the same standards, your moving out agent may be stricter than the first one. Hence, there is a chance that your bond will not be given back to you in full.
  2. There are several factors to consider when you want to go for a full bond back. The cleanliness of the apartment does not solely dictate if you will get your bond back in full. Broken fixtures, damaged sections of the house such as hole on walls, problematic drains and other damages that has not been there when you first moved in can be the reasons why you can’t get 100% of your bond back.

With the two topmost reasons above, how do you know if you can still rely on cleaning services to help get your bond back? Simple, look for the cleaning service that can ensure you 100% quality cleaning instead of merely talking to you about getting 100% of your bond. And, look for local cleaners who have been around in your area for many years as they know how to care for your cleaning needs like how they care for their families.

The cleaning aspect itself is just a ratio of the move out checklist in Australia. Your agent or landlord can deny your bond refund because of a broken fixture, damaged walls, floors, stairs and more. With Local Move Out Cleaning Melbourne, our family-operated business will guarantee you 100% quality cleaning. We will make sure that you will have no problems when it comes to making your place tidy, clean and in order so can focus on fixing other stuffs to achieve that 100% bond back you have been aiming for. Local steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, local cleaning services? You can count on our team at Local Move Out Cleaning Melbourne for an exceptional quality service you deserve.

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