Did you have a major problem with water accumulation inside your home that damaged your flooring, walls and upholstery including carpets? Getting flooded can be a life changing event as you are back at square one and do not know where to begin with in dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters or accidents such as burst pipe.

Getting carpets soaked with water can damage its condition and can be hard to restore especially when your place is flooded and your carpet is left wet with soil and grime. Aside from damaged carpets, damaged flooring covered in filth and dirt can be a tough thing to clean when you do not have the right cleaning materials and equipment that can best get rid of it.

With Local Cleaning Services, our team can help you restore your flooring and favorite carpet so you won’t have to spend another budget in buying a new one. We believe that when things can still be restored, it needs full effort and the right knowledge to do so. That is why, when you come to us for help in water damage carpet restoration, you are doing yourself a favor in saving time and money.

Any carpet that are damaged with water due to water leaks or flood should be reported to professional carpet cleaners as it needs to be attended with high priority. Molds will start to accumulate underneath the carpet and if not cleaned and dried the soonest can generate a poisonous fume that is very harmful to human and pets’ health.

What To Do


If you notice that your carpet has a big wet area, contact Local Cleaning Services immediately and we can come to your place to assess the extent of the damage.


Our team will confirm if the carpet can be restored or needs replacement.


If the carpet is still repairable, we will give you upfront pricing.


Our team will perform Water Damage Carpet Restoration, Disinfection, Steam Cleaning and Drying.

Why Local Cleaning Services for Water Flood Damage?

  • We can attend to any post flood disaster no matter how severe it is.
  • We have highly-knowledgeable professionals and technicians that can best deal with the water damage.
  • We use advanced water removal technique so no moisture is left that can cause electrocution and mold build up in the future.
  • We are reliable and trustworthy.
  • We have the compassion for our fellow locals in Melbourne.
  • We value your trust and loyalty.
  • We are your friendly local cleaners that can bring you positivity even when the going gets tough.