Aside from comfortability, carpets are one of the major accents inside your home. It comes in variety of sizes, textures and materials. However, a carpet brings no good to a home if it is full of dirt, filth, soil, grime and stain. As a homeowner in Melbourne, you are responsible in keeping your carpets tidy by making sure that you have the right carpet protection and that it is regularly checked. Dirty carpets exposes you and your family to irritants, germs, fungi and bacteria that can cause various diseases.

To protect your home from any health threats, you can call Local Steam Cleaning and we are glad to eliminate dirt from your carpets fast. We do excellent residential carpet cleaning anywhere in Melbourne and helped many households get rid of the hassle of cleaning their own carpets.

How We Work


Calling Local Steam Cleaning

When you want your carpets cleaned in Melbourne, call Local Steam Cleaning at 04521 LOCAL or 04521 56225 and our friendly staff will assist you with booking your appointment. Please describe to us the nature of your carpet and your convenient time for us to do our initial inspection.

Initial Inspection

Local Steam Cleaning will come over your place for initial evaluation of your carpet (s). If there are any stains or damages on your carpet before the cleaning starts, please show it to us as we will not be responsible for further damage and for us to assess the type of cleaning needed. We will give you upfront pricing and will not start unless both parties agreed.


The carpet is sprayed with a chemical-free conditioner to break down soil and dirt for easy extraction when vacuumed. For heavy dirt, we use brush or carpet rake to break it to smaller particles so it can be removed easily.


During the vacuum and extraction of dirt, we make sure that all dirt and stain particles are collected completely to avoid bad smell and prevent the dirt from returning to the carpet. Our machine is capable to do pile lifting to have the carpets full-cleaned underneath instead of pushing the carpets hard on the floor where the dirt cannot escape.


After the rigorous dirt extraction, we ensure that the carpet is dry and we can make it dry fast. How? Local Steam Cleaning do not soak your carpets with water and soap which can result to drying out for up to 36 hours which is very inconvenient for you. We use a machine that only uses up to 2 gallons of water to complete the steam cleaning, which is guaranteed to dry fast right after the cleaning has ended!
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