Pet Stain And Pet Odor Removal In Melbourne

Pets bring unmeasurable joy to everyone but it is very challenging to maintain your place to be pet urine-free and odor-free. Carpets, rugs and floors are often your pet’s subject to make their business. Since your pets do not have your 100%, you would not be able to prevent them from staining your carpet. Last thing you know, a discoloration on your carpet or floors with very bad smell has took place. But you love them anyway!

Local Steam Cleaning is one of Melbourne’s Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal experts. As a family business, we know what every pet owners are going through as we have pets too. Therefore, we have extended our local cleaning efforts across all suburbs of Melbourne to help get rid of pet stains and odor in our client’s homes.

Our Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal is perfectly safe to your pets and family. We make sure that we use only organic and natural solutions to treat pet odor and stains. We also disinfect the urine area to remove any bacteria left. We do dry cleaning as well to avoid the spread of stain and minimize the odor.