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Local House Cleaning Services Pricing

Are you looking for a local cleaning service near you in Melbourne?

Getting quality house cleaning from your local services is one of the best choices you have as you will be working with your fellow locals who value you as their own. If you want affordable local cleaning service, local carpet steam cleaning or carpet clean service, local house cleaning service, local pressure cleaning service , local deep cleaning service and more, you need to look for the provider that can offer you the best solutions so you can get the value of your hard earned money.

Professional, trustworthy, polite and on-time local house cleaners are the keys to a guaranteed quality cleaning service. All our cleaners are well-trained and even so, are still policed-checked to meet our strict standards when it comes to cleaning your homes. Look up to our experienced Melbourne local cleaners for all your one-off spring cleaning and regular standard house cleaning service.

As your local cleaning service provider Melbourne, we understand your need of an affordable and top-notch cleaning service you can get for your homes, offices and commercial spaces. We, at Local Cleaning Services, offer quality cleaning at reasonable pricing.

Fixed Prices for Regular House Cleaning by Local Cleaners 


Packages One Off Cleaning Cost Weekly Cost 15% Discount Fortnightly Cost 10% Monthly Cost
Trail Cleaning $90.00 $90.00 $90.00 $90.00
1 Bedroom Flat with 1 Bathroom S89.00 $75.65 $80.10 $84.55
2 Bedroom Flat with 1 Bathroom $109.00 $92.65 $98.10 $103.55
2 Bedroom Flat with 2 Bathrooms $129.00 $109.65 $116.10 $122.55
3 Bedroom Flat with 2 Bathrooms $139.00 $118.15 $125.10 $132.05
3 Bedroom Flat with 3 Bathrooms $159.00 $135.15 $143.10 $151.05
2 Bedroom Home 1 Bathroom $99.00 $84.15 $89.10 $94.05
2 Bedroom Home 2 Bathrooms $119.00 $101.15 $107.10 $113.05
3 Bedroom Home 1 Bathrooms $119.00 $101.15 $107.10 $113.05
3 Bedroom Home 2 Bathrooms $139.00 $118.15 $125.10 $132.05
3 Bedroom Home 3 Bathrooms $159.00 $135.15 $143.10 $151.05
4 Bedroom Home 2 Bathrooms $149.00 $126.65 $134.10 $141.55
4 Bedroom Home 3 Bathrooms $169.00 $143.65 $152.10 $160.55
5 Bedroom Home 3 Bathrooms $179.00 $152.15 $161.10 $170.05


– The Local Cleaning Services to get your house cleaned.

– All Prices based on Number Bedrooms, Bathrooms, studies + Living Area and Balcony at your home.

– We do Recommend to select an “Initial Cleaning” from Extra Tab if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly from any professional cleaners.

Extras: We have listed Extra Services; which are not included in regular cleaning services.

– All prices are Exc GST

Regular Standard House Cleaning

Type of Cleaning


Regular Weekly Cleaning

Consist of our standard cleaning checklist performed on a weekly basis After Call out Fees


Fortnightly Cleaning

Consist of our standard cleaning checklist performed every 2 weeks or bi-monthly cleaning.

Monthly Cleaning

Consist of our standard cleaning checklist performed once a month.

One-off Cleaning

Local House Cleaning offers a Meticulous One Off Cleaning / Spring Cleaning that is perfect for your occasional cleaning needs


We offer additional cleaning services for your convenience such as the following:

  • Initial Cleaning (2 hours) = +59.00
  • Oven & Range-hood (Standard Size) = +39.00
  • Oven & Range-hood (Large Size) = +79.00
  • Extra Single toilet/Powder Room = +10.00
  • Additional Bathroom = +30.00
  • Bathroom Sealing Clean = +50.00
  • Balcony/Garage Sweep Mop = +25.00
  • Inside the Fridge = +25.00
  • One Load of Laundry = +25.00
  • Walls Cleaning 1-Room = +25.00
  • Inside Kitchen Cabinets (Empty) = +49.00
  • Inside Windows Per Glass = +5.00
  • Dirty Dishes Washing = +25.00
  • Wet Wipe Per Blinds = +15.00
  • External Cobwebs Front of House = +10.00

Trial Cleaning

We know it is hard to trust new cleaning company. If you have a bad experience in past,  we offer Trial cleaning which covers 3 hours for $90.00 Exc GST. 

On Call Cleaning on an hourly basis

This service is suitable for those who need a local cleaning service only as they needed or their requirements.

 We charge $36 per hour per cleaner for general cleaning.

Our clock run by half an hour after first fix 3 hours.

We have minimum 3 hours for hourly basis cost.

(If we spend 2 hrs with 2 cleaners; it’s count as 4 hours work $36×4=$144) All prices are Exc GST


Commercial Office Cleaning Prices

Please make a booking for your tailored office cleaning by quotation appointment ay 03 90885056.