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How To Prepare Before End of Lease, Vacating Rental Property

First time movers? Busy movers and unsure of how to prepare before end of lease, vacating rental property? Do you fear that your checklist is not enough and need some guidance? Before you start packing, you may need to know how to prepare before end of lease, vacating rental property. Leave all your worries behind as you have landed to the right page and we will give you as much information to guide you in the moving our process.

Essential for tenants at the end of lease:

  1.  You must give proper notice when planning to leave; notice period will depend on your reason for leaving.
  2.  You must pay any outstanding rent.
  3.  You must check your obligations for separately metered utilities.
  4.  You must clean the property. Hiring professionals such as Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Service and Local Move Out Cleaning Melbourne can definitely put a lot of ease on how to prepare before end of lease, vacating rental property process.
  5.  To keep a good record of the property’s condition, consider taking photos after you move your furniture out.
  6.  Take all your belongings with you. Do not leave anything behind.
  7.  Should there be a need of a dispute, it’s a must to keep the “Condition Report”.
  8.  Agree with your landlord or agent on how the bond will be returned.
  9.  In cases where you have paid a bond, complete the “Bond Claim” form and return it to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA). The form must be signed by you and your landlord or agent.
  10.  Always leave a forwarding address with your landlord or agent or Australia Post.

But why is it important to clean the property before the moving out process?

Of all the things in the moving out list the most tedious and important yet often not well thought of step for most tenants is the cleaning of the leased property. In order to secure the bond, tenants are expected to keep not only the property but also carpets free of dirt and well prepared for the next occupants. Often, when the inspected property including carpets are deemed to be unclean against the standards, corresponding penalty is taken out from the bond or worst forfeited hence the need to put priority in hiring well trusted moving out cleaning experts as you think about how to prepare before end of lease, vacating rental property. You only did not save money, you also have saved time and energy.

Time to call the moving out experts!

Carpet cleaning and moving out cleaning needs? We have it here at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Service and Local Move Out Cleaning Melbourne! We will take care of all your wall, floors, carpets, oven, garage, fly security, office and bond cleaning needs. You need not worry too much about thinking of passing the cleaning standards. We’ll make sure that we won’t leave any dirt, molds or bacteria behind at a very reasonable price! We’re available 24/7 so request a quote and you can be sure that we can personalize our cleaning services for you.

Local Move Out Cleaning Melbourne is your friendly, professional and reliable cleaning service provider. Dial 03 90882057 now to book your appointment and receive a free quote!

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