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How Much Does Move Out Cleaning Cost?

If you are on this page, you are probably wondering how much does move out cleaning cost? Like others, you must be curious of how much you need to pay for a cleaning service before you can actually decide whether you get one or you’ll do the cleaning yourself. Brace yourself as we give you helpful insights about move out cleaning and the common costs associated with it.

Going for a fresh start is not always birds and butterflies. Before you can sit comfortably on the couch in your new living room, you will have to go through and endure some of the worst and tedious tasks in cleaning. And note, in move out cleaning, it is not just about few dusting and sweeping works here and there. You need to ensure that the place you are vacating comes back to how it was when you first moved in. Or if not, you have to push hard to get the place near the acceptance level of getting your bond back in full. Otherwise, your property agent or landlord will give you a hard time moving out without getting things back in proper order. Worst, when you are in Melbourne and if you vacate immediately or abandoned the place with all the dirt and clutters, you can get penalized.

When cleaning comes to view, you may think that it can cost you big time since dirty jobs are hard to do. In Australia, cleaning costs can be on an hourly basis or per job basis. That alone will show a big difference on the cleaning rates. Another thing that affects cleaning prices are the variations on what cleaning tasks are included. Some properties require only light move out cleaning and others badly need a deep and thorough cleaning to give everything in good shape. Lastly, the biggest factor that affects the cleaning cost is the number of bedrooms, floors, bathroom, and how many carpeted rooms you have. Of course, the bigger house or office space, the more rooms to clean and the additional man hours and manpower is needed. Normally, cleaning services comes with 2 cleaners to do the job. However an additional cleaner may be included to finish the cleaning.

On an average, cleaners on an hourly rate are paid $25 per hour. On a project-based or one-off cleaning jobs for move out, a cleaning package of $200 on average for light cleaning which includes sweeping, dusting, wiping surfaces and appliances. That is for a standard 2 bedroom and 1 bath. If you want to have carpet cleaning service, upholstery steam cleaning, or dry vapour cleaning for sensitive carpets or rugs, you may need to pay extra. A carpet steam cleaning for 4 carpeted rooms goes on an average of $150. The cleaning service may also bring their own cleaning materials and solutions but depending on how big and dirty the property is, you may shoulder the cleaning solutions. Before you forget, if you leave anywhere in the CBD, you will have to pay for the parking space and ensure that have the parking for their truck, otherwise, the cleaners has the right to cancel the job and you won’t be able to refund the payment.

If you are planning to move out and hire professional cleaners, it is best to consult from expert cleaners first before jumping into conclusion. It is suggested that you go for local cleaners who had been around for many years and ask around to find trusted cleaners within your area. At Local Move Out Cleaning, all you can find is quality end of lease cleaning that comes in affordable packages. Because we are your local and trusted cleaners in Melbourne, we offer customized cleaning plans that can go well with your budget. You will also love our cleaning rates as we offer cheap cleaning packages starting from Bronze at $149 up to Platinum at $279 (carpet steam cleaning already included on packages Silver to Platinum). If you want to know more about what cleaning service we can do for you, feel free to check our carpet steam cleaning and local cleaning services.

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