Local Cleaning Services is a cleaning service provider in Mornington Peninsula. We offer the best house and move out cleaning services in Mornington so that you can live in a safer environment.

The experience gained over the years has allowed our company to establish itself in the civil and industrial cleaning sector. Our years of experience have made us understand the most effective techniques and the ideal products needed for the cleaning.

We understand the importance of the relationship of trust with our clients. This is why; we deliver them satisfactory cleaning services. We commit ourselves to operate in respect of value and commitment in the search for new solutions.

Our cleaners are highly qualified and in compliance with the law, with discretion and respect for the working environment. Furthermore, our staff is always ready to offer professional cleaning services with very high results.

How Do We Work?


A dynamic, discreet and very precise team guarantees a final result of absolute quality.


We use only high-quality products with less impact on the environment to remove all types of dirt.


From private homes to services in large corporate spaces, we have the right team available at the right time.

Why Choose Us?

Maintenance Cleaning and Ongoing Cleaning

We offer ensured hygiene cleaning on a weekly and monthly basis. Our cleaning company guarantees the healthiness of the environment and their longevity.

Competitive Prices

Our aim has always been to offer a high quality of cleaning services in Mornington Peninsula at highly competitive prices. We believe that you want cleaning to be done well without spending big bucks. Thus, we offer you services at affordable pricing! Ask for a quote and you’ll be amazed!

Speed and Efficiency

We act promptly on every issue. If you need cleaning services that can offer you efficiency and speed then choose us. We work to save your time and efforts without neglecting any detail. That is why; we are equipped with the right machinery and products.

Professional Cleaning

Whatever the place on which to intervene and clean – from residential to commercial, we are ready to act! Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers. So, we offer a diverse range of cleaning services in Mornington Peninsula.

What Cleaning Services We Provide in the suburbs of Mornington and Frankston?

We cover all the aspects of cleaning when it comes to end of lease house cleaning, move in and out cleaning services.

Kitchen Cleaning

* Clean the sink and faucets

* Clean countertops, panels, and cabinet handles

* Clean the outside of the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher

* Clean the hob

* Clean the outside of small electrical devices (toaster, coffee maker, microwave, etc.)

* Clean the table and chairs

Bathroom Cleaning

* Clean the sink, faucets, and mirror

* Clean the counter (soap dish, toothbrush holder)

* Clean panels and cabinet handles

* Clean bath and shower (indoor and outdoor)

* Clean and scrub the toilet

* Disinfect door handles and switches

Dining Room and Lounge Cleaning

* Dusting of furniture and trinkets

* Dusting of frames, moldings, and baseboards

* Dusting of windowsills, light fixtures, and baseboard heaters

* Wash mirrors and the outside of glass furniture

* Vacuum chairs and upholstered couches and removable cushions

Bedroom Cleaning

* Dusting of horizontal blinds, light fixtures, and ceiling fans

* Dusting of windowsills, baseboards, moldings and skirting boards

* Wash finger marks on windows and outside windows

* Empty and wash garbage cans (you must supply the empty bags)

* Vacuuming under furniture, under couches, under beds, in wardrobes, and on stairs

* Wash the floors

* Wash interior and exterior windows of entrance doors and patio doors

Balcony Cleaning

* Cleaning of floors and tiles

* Removing dirt from corners

* Sweeping and mopping of floors

Laundry Area Cleaning

* Sweeping of floors

* Removing dust from the areas

* Removing stains from the surfaces

* Cleaning with a vacuum

Checklist of our Cleaning Services

Concerning the cleaning of end of the lease of an inventory of fixtures, here is a check-list that can demand the most part of the real estate managers:

* Cleaning the Kitchen from shelves, tiles, floors, fixtures to everything

* Cleaning the bathroom and toilet from the scratch by eliminating the tough spots from the surfaces

* Cleaning walls and ceilings

* Cleaning of floor coverings

* Cleaning of carpets

* Vacuum Cleaning

Additional Cleaning Services in the suburbs of Mornington on Request

For your convenience, we also provide additional cleaning services, which are highly customized. You can ask us for any additional cleaning services, we are at your disposal to offer you the best services at an affordable price.

End of Lease House Cleaning

Are you moving to a new home or moving to a new office? Is your lease contract is terminated? Worried, what will the owners think about the cleaning routine? Is cleaning your house after moving, is it affecting you? No problem.

The purpose of leasing cleaning services can be a great escape. You have little idea about hiring those services, but you are not sure about having them in your personal space or not.

Don’t worry, our end of lease house cleaning services is to facilitate these extremely stressful moments so let us take care of the cleaning.

We offer a cleaning guarantee with a success rate greater than 99.6%. It allows us to save our customers from a lot of hassle and stress. Our end of lease cleaning service means that we will clean the property again in case your property manager is not satisfied.

A Thorough Cleaning is provided

The Local Cleaning Services company has qualified and solid professionals, who have experience in cleaning houses from deep roots. They have the technical knowledge to clean stubborn stains. Our team of professionals will work in all the rooms of the house to do it as before.

Our End of Lease House Cleaning will not cost you much

Often, you think that hiring professionals is an expensive act. But, that is not the truth. In economic terms, our cleaning company does not change much compared to the conventional methods associated with the amount of cleaning tools and supplies. Our end of lease cleaning services is reasonable and affordable.

The flexible schedule is guaranteed.

You must be thinking, dealing with end of lease house cleaning services in terms of schedules and dates may crash, definitely, it will not. You can prepare a schedule according to your convenience with us, and we ensure that we are adhering to the planned schedule. We at Local Cleaning Services will visit your home and make sure that all scheduled activities are done on time.

Not satisfied? Re-clean for free

For each business, customer satisfaction is the most important. Some services have a special withdrawal for their clients. If the clients are not satisfied or the activity is not performed in accordance with their terms, we can provide free end-of-lease cleaning services.

All our cleaning is with a guarantee of delivery

We know how exhausting and stressful a move is as there is so much to settle! Local Cleaning Services can, in addition, help you with your move, take care of your end-of-lease cleaning. Depending on the size of your home, cleaning can take many hours of work. As a result, it is often more interesting and less stressful to use a professional team like us that guarantees you the quality cleaning.

What is included in our end of lease house cleaning services?

• Sanitization and polishing of tiles

• Thorough cleanliness, polish, and sanitization of mirrors and vanities

• Ensure proper cleanliness of doors and windows

• Removal of cobwebs from the walls and ceilings

• Removal of dust and dirt from the fittings, fixtures, and electric outlets

• Walls spotted with the handprints, marks, food spills, and scuffs will be cleaned.

We ensure a guaranteed bond clean in Frankston, Mount Martha, Red Hill, and in another suburb area of Mornington. These are some of the unique selling points of hiring our end-of-lease cleaning services near you for an effective and trouble-free home transformation before moving.

Best Move Out Cleaning in Mornington Peninsula

Are you looking for a company specialized in, move out cleaning?

Moving from home means a lot of things, on the one hand, it leads the family to the beginning of a new stage. On the other hand, it involves a lot of work, which usually causes a tense environment among its members. Pack, accommodate, buy packaging material, make many families get to hire the services of a company specialized in removals.

The entire house must be cleaned before moving

When you arrive at the new house, you find countless boxes to empty in the middle of the rooms and it is at this precise moment when we realize that there are very basic but essential things missing. Obviously, the tension has made us overlook things that are important and that are not usually paid attention.

The beginning of the problems comes when the boxes are opened to begin to accommodate the belongings. Surely the owner of the house or the former tenant will not have put too much emphasis on cleaning before handing over the house; although it is also true, that is the last thing we always think.

Before moving, you have to clean the new house.

Ideally, prior to the move, perform a thorough cleaning, since later, with the boxes and furniture scattered, it will be more uncomfortable. Special attention should be paid to the kitchen and the bathrooms, as you never know who lived there before and how hygienic it was.

To advance the cleaning before the move, it is convenient if you want to devote yourself completely to organize your new house. Otherwise, you will be forced to have someone follow the steps of the moving workers to place their objects on clean.

What is clear is that at the end of the move, there is always much to clean and most of the time you do not have the time to do it. In Local Cleaning Services, we offer cleaning services before and after the move.

Local Cleaning Services in Mornington Peninsula understands this and specializes in large household cleaning. We assure that the work will be done to perfection and surfaces will be left clean.

Our team of experts, each with their specialty, is able to clean both carpets and windows through the walls and ceilings. We can also completely clean your furniture. At Local Cleaning Services, we only use high-quality products that are harmless to your health and the environment.

We are proud to be a versatile cleaning company that works with our customers to provide the service that best suits their home and schedule, and as a cleaning service in Mornington Peninsula, we make sure every customer gets the service that suits him best. This attitude has worked well so far and has helped us to become one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the suburbs of Mornington Peninsula VIC.

Local Cleaning Services in Mornington Peninsula is a specialist in professional cleaning. All our cleaning and sanitation services are characterized by the utmost care and seriousness. We also offer cleaning services in Frankston, Hasting, Rosebud, Saftey Beach, Red Hill, Rye, Dromana, Mount Eliza, and Mount Martha.