Oh no! You’ve bought a new house with a built-in BBQ .. well, who knows but you’ve got to do something about it now! You are moving into a new home then why to drag your old dirty BBQ? We’ll get it cleaned, shined and looking great so you can fire it up for that housewarming party you’ve always wanted to throw.

The black carbon charcoal and rust builds-up on grills often stick to food, if not cleaned. These carbon and rust buildups contain chemicals linked to many life-threatening diseases. Our BBQ Cleaning service completely removes all of these harmful chemicals.

Either way, we’ve got you covered! Call for a quote!

At Local Cleaning Services, we take great pride in our unique barbeque and oven cleaning process. Our friendly, trained and local professionals take every step possible to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency. Our cleaning process starts with a diagnostic check – Going through all of the systems on the oven, to ensure that it is operating correctly and has no critical leaks or issues.

The Importance of Barbeque Cleaning

 The BBQ is the centrepiece of a backyard, and similarly to a car, it needs regular cleanup to reach its maximum potential. Having your barbeque cleaned ensures it won’t detract from your inviting backyard environment.

Why Local Cleaning Services?

  • Eliminate harmful chemicals stick in the barbeque grill  that can be passed onto your food while cooking
  • Extend the life of your barbeque grill and also save maintenance cost
  • Help prevent future corrosion
  • Prevent the risk of grease fires.
  • Your barbeque and oven will look like new again with the shine
  • YEAR ROUND SERVICE – BBQ in the dead of winter too? No problem! We clean grills all year long!!

Book our barbeque cleaning service today. We promise quality, reliable cleaning service every time.