Maintain A Healthy And Hygienic Environment For Our Senior Citizens

Running an aged care facility requires significant attention to detail as well as proper care for all residents.  A key element of running an aged care facility is the cleaning process that is chosen to ensure that the facility environment is maintained in tip-top condition.

Aged care facilities are unique in terms of the cleaning service that is required. However, our local cleaning experience in this sector means that we know precisely how to maintain a clean, healthy, and sanitary environment for our community’s elderly.

Cleaning Services for Aged Care Centres

We provide comprehensive aged care cleaning services which comprise of :General day-to-day cleaning of the kitchen area, living and sleeping rooms, flooring, upholstery, restrooms. It also includes maintenance of outdoor spaces, pool cleaning, laundry and waste management.

We are aware that aged care cleaning service extends beyond the specific cleaning sector. We are aware of the sensitive scope of the aged care facility cleaning and concern of the privacy and dignity of the people living in.  To best serve our clients, we hire only experienced cleaners to implement the appropriate aged care cleaning methods, to ensure every facility is maintained to the highest standard.

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