A local cleaning company, Clean Stride, is cleaning homes for women?

A great news for the women out there! a family-owned local cleaning company in Melbourne named Clean Stride is offering free local cleaning services in Melbourne. Teaming up with a national-level NGO (Non-Profit Organization) named “Cleaning for a Reason”, the local cleaning company named Clean Stride has run the latest initiative “Cleaning Homes for Women”. Under this initiative, the company aims to provide free cleaning services to women fighting with cancer.

Cleaning Homes for Women

Adriana Olivares –the owner of Clean Stride has a clear mission in front of her. Through her local cleaning company in Melbourne which offers professional cleaning services in the area, her company helps in cleaning dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and so more to those women in dire need of it. Sparkling countertops and spotless windows are some of the major packages offered to the clientele of Clean Stride. The clientele of Clean Stride usually includes women who are battling cancer and need help with daily household chores. Adriana claims that she is doing her bits to help such women out in their daily lives.

Helping these women is of special importance to Adriana. Having lost her mother to Pancreatic Cancer in the year 2005, Adriana understands what women suffering from cancer have to go through. As such, she is determined to help these women out through her professional local cleaning services in Melbourne.

The initiative in collaboration with the NGO “Cleaning for a Reason” aims to reach out to maximum such women who might be in immense need to get their houses cleaned. The NGO reaches out to all the nearest hospitals and cancer centers to make women aware about such a local cleaning company in Melbourne that offers its expert cleaning services to ailing women for free.

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