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7 Major Mistakes You Make Cleaning?

All of us make use of the cleaning equipment to clean homes. But rarely do people follow the right cleaning techniques. Local cleaning services in Melbourne provide the best assistance in letting you know the right use of the cleaning equipment.

In this article, we’ll list seven major mistakes people generally make while cleaning.

  1. Using dish soap on cutting boards : Chopping boards are generally made of wood. If you are using regular dish soap for washing them then it is doing great harm to the wooden material.
  2. Neglecting the most touched points : Handles, door knobs, faucets, etc. are those points which are touched by us the most. But we generally tend to neglect cleaning them. So as you are cleaning the other parts make sure you wipe them too.
  3. Don’t get lazy with the coffee maker : You should clean each and every part of the coffee maker and not just the pot after disassembling it. Otherwise it will harm the machine in long run.
  4. Spraying the cleaner directly on the furniture : If you are spraying the cleaning agent directly on the furniture surface then your cleaning technique is wrong. You should spray it on the wipe or cloth and then clean.
  5. Using the same rag for every purpose : If you are using the same rag everywhere then you might be wrong. You should be changing the rag use for cleaning every day else you’ll end up spreading more germs.
  6. Do not use a feather duster : You may fancy getting a feather duster to clean homes. But trust us it is not a very good option for dusting. Rather you’ll end up spreading more dust from one surface to another. You should be using a microfiber cloth.
  7. Dust the windows : Before washing the windows you need to dust them. Many people just spray water without wiping off the dust.