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5 Household Cleaners You Can Make Yourself?

Every time when you run out of the cleaning agents in your home, it can be quite cumbersome for you to carry on with the cleaning task. You should not be entirely dependent on the artificial cleaners which you get in the market as their absence can put a hault to your work and make the house look dirty. Even the local cleaners in Melbourne suggest their customers to try the homemade cleaners for daily cleaning.

In this article we’ll discuss some such effective household cleaners suggested by the local cleaners in Melbourne that can be made easily at home.

  1. Glass Cleaner : You need to mix half cup white or cedar vinegar along with one fourth cup alcohol. Now add 2 cups of water to the mixture and fill this mixture in the spray bottle. This mixture works great for glasses and windows. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not use this mix in scorching sun as it dries very quickly.
  2. Heavy Duty Scrub : You need to dip a half sliced lemon into the borax powder and then rub it on to the dirty surface. After proper scrubbing rinse off the surface. This technique works best for the rusted porcelain and other enamel products. You should not be using this on marble and granite.
  3. Grease Cleaner : Make a mixture of Gudsy ammonia and water and use a sponge to mop the surface with it. Rinse off with clean water. It is commonly used for cleaning oven hoods and grills.
  4. All Purpose Cleaner : Take four tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with warm water. Now you can use this solution to clean all kinds of surface like the kitchen cooktop, electric appliances, refrigerators, etc.
  5. Cloth Stain Remover : For badly stained clothes you need some tough stain removers. Use chlorine bleach with warm water and detergent to remove the tough stains.

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